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For the protection of your home, you have more than one option to look at when selecting a home security system. Two of the most popular systems are one that is wired into your home (hard wired) and one that isn’t (wireless).

The one that’s been around since the invention of home security products has been the type of system that’s hard wired. But many homeowners didn’t like the fact that they paid a lot of money for security and then didn’t get to keep it if they wanted to move.

They had to begin again – and with some companies, they still had to pay the remaining months on the service contract as well as paying for service at the new residence. Wireless home security in many cases can offer the user better terms and the freedom to keep the system if they change residences – making this system great for those who live in apartments, too.

The wireless is similar to the wired-in system in that both have a main control center – the heart of the system. They also allow for sensors to be installed at the entry points that you choose (the windows, doors, etc.).

These sensors are easy to install, easy to understand and can quickly tell whenever an intruder has entered. The sensors have a connection that’s broken whenever the entry point is opened and the sensors will alert the system to sound the alarm. What happens next depends on what type of service you have.

Some of the wireless home security systems also come with motion detectors. The amount of entry point detectors you have and whether or not you get additional sensors again will depend on the type of system you buy and your monitoring service. A wireless system is much easier for a do-it-yourselfer to install than the installation required for a hard wired system.

With this type of service, you can set the system to do automatic calling of the fire department or police department, which is basically what you’ll be paying for if you have a monthly monitoring plan. So you have the potential to save a lot more money by using a wireless system over a hard wired one.

The wireless home security system works via a radio frequency, which can sometimes be a con of having one because of the various causes that can make the alarm activate. However, even the few false alarms that might occur is minor compared with the pros of having this type service.

Many of them are less expensive than hard wired services and more often than not, your service contract will move when you do, which means you won’t have to get a new contract and buy a new wireless system. Most of them have remote activation as well as the ability to activate the system with a simple finger touch so that you don’t need help making your house safe.